Residential .

Our residential security systems enable safe and user-friendly solutions with an integrated residence database, making life easier for your residents and enabling you to provide them with a better, more personalised service.

Residential Security .

We provide a range of concierge solutions that sync with multiple variations of Intercom, Public Address systems and CCTV to enable centralised control and direct communication.

Nano Residential revolutionises residential intercom systems. As a Sessional Initiation Protocol (SIP) based system, it can interface with Warden Call functionalities and repair systems, allowing residents to book service calls from their home, confirm appointments and received centralised messaging. This drives digital inclusion.

As an operator, you can send personal, block, estate, or whole organisation messages with acknowledgement feedback, making communication and reporting easier during limited access periods.

Our residential security products also include:

  • Door entry control
  • Up to 9999 apartment monitors
  • Fire detection and fireman’s override
  • Concierge unit for building management

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