Genesys by ISM - A Future Proof Solution .

Genesys by ISM delivers command and control in the most challenging of situations and environments. Importantly, we hold CPNI certification for critical national infrastructure.

Genesys by ISM is a market leading platform that allows us to provide overarching command and control for all security related systems. Due to its unique architecture, it provides both a scalable and cost effective solution.

Genesys by ISM is an advanced application of technology which enables us to develop strategic partnerships and deliver market leading solutions, providing existing and future buildings with new levels of efficiency never before seen in the industry. 

Most importantly, Genesys by ISM includes a Migrating 3+™ technology, a patented automatic failover solution that adds higher levels of automatic configurable redundancy and system scalability than conventional PSIMs.

Genesys Nano .

A digitisation of the custodial process

Genesys Nano has a unique architecture that no other system comes close to; it provides clear and concise information to an operator, every time. Genesys offers a completely scalable model from a single user/single site to full enterprise solutions. Genesys Nano’s pioneering system architecture is not restricted by the size or capability of a server, nor does it require the expense of moving to server farms or utilising clustering software.

Nano Review .

Genesys by ISM seamlessly controls all electronic security systems installed over multiple control rooms, across multiple sites in numerous countries and continents.

Genesys Nano Review also provides remote PACE compliant detainee reviews.

Comprising of a secure in-cell device and an Officer facing tablet, the design allows for video conversations between the cells and reviewer, all of which are recorded and logged with time and date.


  • Securely built-in cell device.
  • Compliant with the Home Office Design Guide for Police Custody.
  • The reviewer uses a tablet with Genesys preinstalled.
  • Cell Unit can display targeted messages.
  • Inspector can see both Cell Unit Camera and Cell Camera, allowing for 360 coverage of the interview.


  • The SIP server are run on Genesys.
  • All calls are recorded and stored on a central server.
  • All calls are logged in the Genesys event log.
Genesys by ISM - provides visibility, dependency and guarantee! .
  • CCTV & Digital Recording
  • Cell Call – Electronic Locking
  • Fire Detection
  • Guard Tour
  • Intercoms
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Panic/Affray Alarm 
Genesys by ISM includes Migrating 3+™ technology .

“What about existing systems?”

Migration is simple, integration is simple – combining all leading brands of CCTV, Intercom, Access Control, Energy Systems and more…..

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