ISM - An industry innovator .

About us .

ISM is a global pioneer in integrated security management solutions and the UK’s leading developer of information management, intercom and cell call systems.

Established in 1989, we operate out of manufacturing and design facilities in the South of England, UK. ISM has a 30 year track record of taking complexities out of decision-making processes for our clients and we remain unaffiliated with any control equipment distributor or manufacturer. 

Our Partners .

We empower our approved integrator partners to drive consistency and compliance in design and delivery to end users.  Delivery of Business Information (BI) by the integrators value in the supply chain greatly enhances the integrator value in the supply chain to the end user. By delivering valuable BI to our approved integrator, partners are no longer commoditised suppliers. By implementing Genesys by ISM and generating enhanced BI, integrators differentiate themselves from their competition and become valued business partners to the end user.

Our Team .

ISM’s senior leadership team bring over 60 years’ experience of listening to the complex requirements of Fortune 250 and FTSE 100 clients. The development and deployment of solutions to meet these demands has facilitated the development of Genesys by ISM, its ecosystem of solutions as well as a level of knowledge and innovation that sets us apart.

We have invested heavily in our young, dynamic, experienced team of tech gurus.  Every sector is different and technology is constantly evolving with new systems to connect to, new processes to support and new operations to update. Our team therefore work tirelessly to understand the needs and challenges of the entire supply chain, ensuring our customers and theirs are updated in response to changes in technology risks – before they even arise.

Our Clients .

Our global client base encompasses many of the world’s most prominent institutions, including: central and local government, critical national infrastructure, healthcare establishments, education campuses, shopping centres, financial institutions and law enforcement agencies.

Our Solutions .

We understand the ever-evolving security and business challenges of today’s world and have designed systems to integrate with other subsystems to provide fully comprehensive solutions.

Our solutions enable the integration of security, safety and building systems to uphold sustainable and safe environments, thus providing :
  • Greater awareness
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Compliance
  • Sustainability
  • Interoperability 
  • Risk limitation
  • ROI
Our Genesys Platform :
Our Ultimate Platform :
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For 30+ years ...

ISM has taken the complexity out of your decisions and remains unaffiliated with any control equipment, distributor or manufacturer.

“Leading the markets’ innovation, ISM continues to develop and manufacture disruptive integrated security management solutions, developing enhancing systems by utilising legacy tech and our innovative approach.” 

“Maximising Workspace Security, Efficiency and Safety”
Intelligent Systems .

Regardless of the nature or size of your operations, we will work with you to understand your security and business needs and devise the best and most appropriate solutions. These may encompass alarm monitoring, digital video security and building security management solutions, as well as telephone entry, intercom, and disabled refuge systems.

Our intelligent systems are designed to integrate with other subsystems to provide fully comprehensive solutions that are easy to use, without requiring meticulous training or staffing.