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The Compact Series functional telephone entry
system is an innovative system that has been
developed to meet the specific needs of local
authorities and housing associations.

The 'Ultimate' in digital telephone wiring entry systems.

The technology underpinning Ultimate includes
full Digital Audio using 4 wire (twisted pairs Cat5e
or CW1308) to handsets, apartment stations
and entrance panels. Voice over IP includes
multiple speech paths when the exchanges are
Ultimate is packed with benefits including:

  • Handsets and entrance panels are
    electronically isolated. Acts of vandalism or
    fault will not affect the remainder of the system.
  • Digital exchange. Because the system operates
    from a digital exchange, all entrance panels
    including sub landing panel systems have their
    individual speech channel. This means that all
    panels to be used at the same time including
    multiple calls to individual flats – on the same
    sub landings control systems.
  • The Ultimate system is fully compliant to CE,
    Low Voltage Directive and DDA requirements
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