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Airports require security systems that are well optimised to meet the threats and challenges associated with high-footfall, international travel and public safety.

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Critical National Infrastructure

Our integrated security management system, Genesys, has a unique architecture that understands and resolves problems associated with the increasing geographical scope of clients, businesses, governments, and institutions.

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Oil and Gas

As essential global resources, oil and gas industries can come under multiple threats including intrusion, theft and terrorism. Therefore, reliable security systems are essential within oil and gas facilities to enable your engineers to carry out their work safely, in the knowledge that they are well protected.

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Police Custody

Enable an extra level of security and precision with our easy to use, integrated system for police custody and prison cell applications.

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Our residential security systems enable safe and user-friendly solutions with an integrated residence database, making life easier for your residents and enabling you to provide them with a better, more personalised service.

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Smart Buildings

Innovations in smart building technology create a seamless, more connected way of living and working, improves space management and facilitates more accessible building use for all.

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